Assassins Creed Identity Hack for 2019

The strategy is that of combat and gain. It is set in the Italian Renaissance and the graphics of the game are generally praised. It is very true to the original Assassin’s Creed so for veterans of this world, it will be a pleasure to play. Your choice of characters is a group of renegades whom you can customize and evolve to the level of Master. Your choice includes: Berserker, Thief, Trickster and Shadow Blade.

You can also experience the physical aspect of the game at first hand since there is a decent amount of freedom of movement. You will enjoy climbing, jumping, running and stealthily assassinating. Exciting aspects of the game also include your Assassin doing parkour and blending into people and structures. It provides an amazing amount of quests and is available in multiple languages.

Why Do You Need a Hack for Assassins Creed Identity?

The hack has been created for games by gamers so no wonder it is as efficient as can be. It will take you mere seconds to generate resources to your account and it will inevitably increase the quality of your game and your experience. The features of the hack include the simplicity of use, safety and availability.

You will only have to type in the amount of resources you need and it will be provided in no time. It is highly functional, practical and safe. Should you need silver, credits or skill points – there will be no delay to provide you with them. The app is user-friendly and there is no waiting. It is very safe to use, it won’t get you banned and it can’t damage your device.  Whether you have Androids or iOS phone the generator will work. It functions on all devices including Windows, iOS, Android, Mac etc. It is managed online so you don’t even need to download it. This is also a good safety precaution for you and your device.


The main distinction is between Campaign missions and Contract missions. Campaign missions are the main ones which help evolve the storyline. They mostly consist of several parts such as multiple objectives and side objectives. The multiple objectives include Tail, Pursuit, Escort, Pillage, and Assassinate.  Pretty much what we’re already used to from the previous AC titles.

With campaign missions it is a bit different. Through them you can gain items, coins and XP. The side objectives are, for example, assassinate special units or finish the objectives within a specific time period. Though the side missions don’t make up the storyline, they nevertheless can come to be very important. They are concise and to the point and can earn you points, skills, even extra coins. What is more, after the campaign, on higher levels of the game contract missions can give you Hero Tokens. Don’t hesitate to do extra challenges because the will earn you a lot deal of resources.


Hero Tokens

A very important currency in the game is the Hero Tokens. Keep in mind they can only be earned within the game. However, there is a catch – you can only start earning them when you’re well into the game. They will be available no sooner than the campaign mission called A Murder of Crows. The upside is that after this mission, every contract mission you have will get you more tokens so be ready to rise to the occasion.

Silver, Credits and Skill points

Skill point you can generally earn by leveling up, however, you don’t need to work extra hard to gain these valuables because there is a simpler way. The important resources you require can be gained with the Assassins Creed Identity Hack.  You wish to advance in the game? You need these exact resources to get ahead? You believe an extra push is all that you need? Then you may acquire them easily with an Assassins Creed Identity Cheat – this is where you’ll find unlimited silver, credits and skill points. You will gain more control over the game and eventually develop your level of excellence in your gameplay.

Heroic Shop and Inventory

Heroic tokens are the currency in the shop. The player can even buy better ranks in this shop. With a level up in your ranking, you will be able to unlock more complicated contract missions and earn three items. In the shop you can buy items and outfits. Boosts you can buy in the Boosts section and the Forge section is for making new items.


Assassins can have a primary and secondary class. Through currency, you can unlock not only the secondary class but also multiple Assassins. The inventory is being shared among Assassins and within the inventory section there can be found: Chest Armor, Pauldrons, Swords, Boosts, Hidden Blades, Insignias, Leggings and Outfits. The items can be earned in three ways:  either you gain them in the game, craft them with blueprints in the Forge lab, or you buy them in the shop. Items improve your game substantially. Also, focus on Boosts since they can better your game temporarily.

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