Fortnite Battle Royale- How to Get More V-Bucks for FREE [Best Tips & Tricks] 2019

Fortnite is the game that has made the biggest impact on the gaming industry ever since Dota and Minecraft. In fact, this game has hypnotized so many people around the globe, it has become the most played video game in history with over 60 million registered users.

The success of the game didn’t come by chance. Epic Games has worked hard to come up with a fun and interactive third-person shooter implemented into the battle royal style gameplay. Despite the “low-end graphics” and the cartoony feel it brings, the game has quickly taken the no.1 place in the battle royal genre, ripping it out of PBG’s hands in no time. That’s because of the cross-platform option that allows players from all platforms to fight each other on the same server. Cool, right? We will now take a closer look at what Fortnite has to offer and we’ll even tell you how to get unlimited V bucks no matter which platform you are using. That includes PS4. Xbox One, Android & iOS, also and PC.

The Story

The plot twist in the game is not that innovative. The world is struck by an asteroid that brought a virus that turned everyone into zombies. Everything got destroyed and most people turned into zombies. There’s only one island that is still free of the plague and that’s where you and other player fight each other to become the only survivor of the apocalypse.

With that said, you should know that there are two game modes you can play: Battle Royal and Save the World. The first mode is PVP, which means that you fight other players online and the second one is PVE, where the four of you fight NPC controlled zombies. We’ll get to the details in just a second.

Save The World

The world is dying and you and your friends are the last wall of defense against a horde of zombies that will stop at nothing until everyone is eaten. If that’s not enough, a fluke storm appeared and it keeps shrinking and everyone that’s caught by it disappears. You will have to work with other players to collect data and push back the husks or zombies while trying to push back the storm and free the world.

This game mode is still paid to play but Epic games said that it’s going to be free once the game gets fully released since it’s still in the open beta testing mode. The game is always fun to play as many different skins, weapons, and abilities are added all the time. The world of Fortnite keeps evolving at all times and that’s exactly what keeps the players glued to their screens.

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale games started with H1Z1 in 2015. The game wasn’t that good, but the concept of 100 players fighting each other until one survives got a great feedback. Since then many games are implementing it into their multiplayer modes.

The whole thing works like this: 100 players jump from a flying bus and land on their desired spot on the map. They only have a pickaxe that’s used to gather materials. Weapons have to be found throughout the map. If you’re unlucky, you might end up dead before you even land, but if you find some Legendary or Epic weapons upon landing, your chances are much better.

This game mode can be played solo, with a friend, or in a squad of 4 players. You get experience from everything you do, but there can only be one winner, keep that in mind. Now, when you know how the game works, we’ll talk about materials.

Gathering materials

What makes this game different than let’s say PUBG is the cover-building system. This is a feature that turned out many HC PUBG players, but it’s also what makes this game so fun. The materials are often what makes the difference between a victory and a loss. Once the going gets tough and the enemy starts shooting at you, just build a wall or a set of stairs as cover. That can really help you in some difficult situations. Here’s what materials you can gather.


Wood is the least resistant material and it can be found all around the map. Wood is gathered by knocking down houses, trees, bushes, and so on.  It builds up the fastest of all materials but it gets destroyed quickly too.


Stone (Bricks)

Stone is the best-balanced material. It takes a little more time to build, but it’s also more resistant than wood.



Metal is the toughest and the hardest material to gather. You can get it by destroying cars, benches, and other metal objects including meteors.


The Store

Fortnite has made a huge amount of money since it came out a little over a year ago. In fact, the owner of Epic Games is now a Billionaire because of the game. But where does the money come from since the game is free? Well, it’s microtransactions. Most players get bored with their default skins and pickaxes, so they buy some V-bucks to spend on new skins.


V-bucks or Virgin bucks are the in-game currency in Fortnite. 1000 V-bucks are around 10 dollars, which is not a lot of money, but keep in mind that most skins cost over 2000 V-bucks. Many of the players are still kids with no jobs, and their parents don’t want to give them money for Fortnite stuff, but there’s a solution. We will tell you how to get unlimited V bucks in just a second.

Get V-bucks for free

If you don’t have a paypal account or a visa card, you can still get V-bucks with our fortnite unlimited V bucks generator. Our free fortnite hack will grant you as much in-game money you need. You can then spend it on skins and emotes to taunt and make fun of other players as you’d like.

Our generator works on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox, and PC. All you have to do is register and write the amount of V-bucks you want to get on your profile. Getting fortnite ps4 free V bucks was never easier if you ask us.

Battle Pass ingenuity

It’s safe to say that the Battle Pass system in Fortnite is one of the best reward systems to date. It costs 950 V-bucks per season. This reward system is unique and it lets you unlock many different emotes, skins, items, and even free V-bucks. Playing fortnite without the Battle Pass is like eating ice-cream with the wrapper still on. Make sure that’s the first thing you spend your Fortnite V Bucks on. Enjoy the Fortnite Battle Royal mode to its fullest!

Pro tips for beginners

Getting a victory in this game is easier said than done, especially if you plan on taking 100 players on your own. So, in order to make things a bit easier for you, here are some pro tips that will definitely help you become number 1!

Pick the right landing spot

The place you land often decides if you win or lose. There are dozens of larger locations and even more smaller locations without a name. If you want to live, land somewhere far away from the battle bus or land in a location at the furthest point. That way, you’ll have more time to pick your loadout, and you’ll run into fewer players as the circle shrinks.

Know when to heal

Healing is an important part of this game. You’ll quickly figure out that you always need a medkit or some bandages in your loadout, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know when to use them. When you take damage and your health is low, either build a cover and heal right away or find some cover and do it there. Bandages take only 5 seconds to use, so they could often be a smarter pick than a medkit.

Build, build, build

Building cover is an essential part of this game. Sure, you can press F1 to F4 to build walls and floors, but that’s too slow! Bind the building keys to your extra mouse buttons or the letters Z,X,C, so you could build cover instantly without having to select the type of building you want every single time. That should help you get an edge over the other players.

Don't fear the storm

Once the storm closes in and the circle starts to shrink, you’ll have to move. But, if the circle is far away and the storm is close, don’t run. The circle does little damage in the beginning, so try to use the time to find a launch pad or a golf cart. Use them to get to the safe zone quickly. Oh yes, Port-a-Rift is the best way to do it.

Get Free V-bucks

Instead of spending lots of money on skins and items, you could just use the fortnite android hack and generate as many V-bucks as you need. The generator also provides fortnite xbox free V bucks for all players

Watch, look, listen, and wait

Running into battle guns blazing is always an option, but its also risky. Instead of running towards every shot you hear, take your time. Sometimes it’s better to hide in a bush or behind a cover and wait for the other players to battle it out first. When the fighting is over, eliminate the one left standing and get all of the gear for yourself.


Hope you liked our tips and tricks and we hope that they help you win game after game.

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