Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Hack for 2018

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes guide

This is an RPG revolving around battling inside the famous Star Wars world. You are supposed to choose a team of characters while combining their traits to fit your purpose and game plan. Once you’ve formed a team of heroes, the fighting battles with the opposing teams can commence. The battles are turn-based and divided into rounds.


Characters are collected either at the beginning of the game – meaning they are given to you immediately – or you earn them through the game. Tend to balance out your team and be aware of the heroes you have for the team. A helpful tip is to always have a hero with healing skills and a hero with good defensive skills. As for the rest of the group try managing that each character has different damaging skills.

Another helpful tip is to focus on fewer characters and upgrading them to form a killer team. This is more productive than dispersing your attention to a dozen heroes and ending up not having a dream team. Your goal should be to attain a seven star level, high gear and high skills for each character. This will ensure you with a high ranking and thus a huge resource advantage.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


You will find that battles are turn-based and comprised of rounds. The character which has the highest speed attribute will go first. Five different avatars from each team fight in the battle until they win, lose or retreat. The goal is to have the last character alive after the battle and use buffs to make advances with your team. Your main goal is to cause damage to the opposing team as well as conserve your own characters.

According to each character’s strength and weaknesses pay attention and try putting your best foot forward. You will make a distinction between standard and special moves of the characters. Recharge the special moves between every use and try combining the standard and special moves for a better effect within the battle.

If you notice that the opposing teams heal quickly because they have one team member who heals the rest of them, the wisest thing to do is probably get out of the battle as soon as possible. This is a huge liability for your team and can cause great damage. You can also practice detecting the strongest rival on the opposing team in order to form a strategy to beat them. This will be a search for their Achilles heel sort of strategy. Keep in mind that you should prioritize keeping your team safe. However, don’t hesitate to have an occasional sacrifice of one of your teammates if it will save the rest of the characters.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 2018


It is very wise to think of the resources in advance. Make a resource management plan. Plan how they are going to be distributed. Besides organizing them, think about obtaining and preserving them in the long run. Your resources are: Character Shards, Gears, Mods and Ability parts and Credits.

Character Shards

Shards are a currency needed in the game to unlock more characters or promote them. Shards are earned in battling or are bought in the shop. You need to follow the starting star level of your character because it will be parallel to the amount of shards you need to unlock the next level. The range of star level is from 1 to 7 meaning you have to earn each level/each star individually; the maximum obviously being seven.

Gears, Mods and Ability Parts

You may level up your character by using training droids that will help you a lot. To upgrade your character you can invest in gear, ability parts and mods. Pay attention to the fact that some gear is won only through battle on one side of the Force. This comes as a form of encouragement for players to play for both teams, or rather for both sides. The maximum level for the gear is yet to be determined and it is tricky to define it. The gear you need to get to the highest levels is scarcely available.

Keep in mind that in order to gain a high arena ranking you can increase your gear and subsequently gain more crystals. This will, in turn, get you on further on your GW for obtaining more crystals, credits and tokens.

Mods are modifications which can help customize your characters in the game.
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - Rey in a battle


Credits are a resource crucial for advancing in the game. For credits, a hack might just be the best way to go. Since it is safe and time efficient.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack

If you need resources and currencies like credits or crystals you should try using the online generator for resource hacks. You will not only find unlimited credits and crystals but a gateway for more energy and ally points. Besides being unlimited and online, it is safe and free. You may use it to advance in the game and beat your opponents. This will provide you with the breakthrough you need to dominate the other teams.


Currencies are crucial to obtain resources you need for the game. List of currencies:

  1. Crystals
  2. Energy (mission and cantina)
  3. GW reset
  4. Challenges
  5. Keycard
  6. Arena battles (5 free per day)

Focus on your crystals if you want a developed game plan. This is a great management move for your resources and maintaining your crystal economy at a high level. You can use the currency of crystal to boost your cantina energy or to recharge your mission energy. But, to do this you need to invest a lot on a daily basis to generate the crystals. The resource hack can come in handy for this problem. Also, this is why it is super important to have a resource distribution plan which coincides with your game plan.

If you combine you arena ranking, your complete GW and the energy you gain from your daily missions you might just have a chance to attain this goal. To get a good arena ranking try focusing on: your star level for each character, developing high gear, high skills and reaching thus high levels.



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