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Do you love to watch movies? Can’t stand a day without watching at least a single episode of your favorite show? If so, then you’re probably using Netflix for a while now. It was founded in August 29.1997. and since then has proven to be the best source for watching top online shows and movies.

It accumulated quite an audience of users with its cool features. Nowadays it has more than 110 million subscribers. Being that it’s so popular, it’s natural to assume that using Netflix’s services doesn’t come for free. If you’re planning to use a premium account, you’d have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $11.99. But now, you can access all its premium features for free.

Wondering how to do it? Let’s find out.

Free Account

There is a number of features that come with a premium account on Netflix. With this free premium Netflix account, you’ll be able to watch your favorite TV shows and popular movies in HD and ultra HD. Next to that, you’ll be able to watch from four different devices at the same time.

So if you have a laptop, TV, tablet and a mobile device you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies and shows virtually everywhere. Basically, you’ll get all of the commodities of a premium user without paying for them.

How to Get it?

So how to get Netflix premium account exactly? Our network of dedicated programmers operates 24/7 to make free netflix premium account generator available for all our users. To get one of those codes you’ll need to just click one button and our application will provide you with the code that you can use on your Netflix account to upgrade it to premium. It’s that easy.

The number of our available free Netflix gift card codes is always limited, so it’s best to get them on the beginning of the month. We are constantly adding more codes to our database. There are codes that we add daily but at the beginning of each month, mostly in the first week our supply of free codes is the largest. It’s best to get them as fast as you can!

As mentioned before, starting off the month is the best time for that. This is to avoid the high traffic of users and reserve your free gift card. Once you get it, you’ll be able to use the codes and unlock a free premium subscription.

Once you head to our site, simply enter basic info and request a free premium gift card. From there you’ll be redirected to another page that shows available gift cards for that month. Simply pick the gift card that you want and wait for our software to process the data.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a gift card with a unique free Netflix code ready for use. No downloads, no surveys, and no additional hassle. The best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free!

How to Use Free Netflix Account Hack?

Once you’ve acquired your Netflix premium account gift card, you can use it like any other subscription.

All that it takes is to follow these steps, and before you know it, you’ll be able to use your account as any other premium user.

  • Open your Netflix App or use a browser
  • Sign in with your account
  • Click on gifts and offers
  • Enter the code from your gift card
  • Enjoy in your new Premium account

Features that Netflix Premium Account Generator Unlocks

With our gift cards, you’ll be able to use various features of a premium user. This includes access to their movies and shows database, the use of their community and much more. Basically, you’ll transform your regular account into a premium one.

Another great feature that a premium account offers is that you’ll be able to mirror your streaming from a mobile device or a tablet to a TV. This can be quite useful when staying at your friend’s house without anything interesting to watch on a TV. Within only a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to pick your favorite show or a movie and mirror it from your phone to your friend’s TV.

Unlimited Streaming

No matter where you are and what you’re doing you’ll always have time for Netflix. With the option of unlimited streaming, you can watch your favorite shows everywhere you go. There’s no limit to watching online.

The only downside of using a premium account on Netflix is that you won’t have time to do anything else than watch movies alone or with your friends. But you already knew how time-consuming Netflix could be. On the other side if you want to relax and unwind there is no better way to pass the time than to use this great app.

Rate Your Favorite Show

You can affect how popular a movie or show will be. With this account, you can rate post comments and become a respectable and active member of the community. Don’t like a show? Post your reasons and rate it accordingly. Love a specific show and want to see more of it? Explain why you think that is the best show and tell your friends to rate it too.

This way you’ll contribute to increasing or decreasing the rating of a specific TV show or a movie. Furthermore, you’ll have a personal statement and something to talk to with your friends on the topic of movies and particular genres.

If you think that Hollywood or other major companies don’t care about you, you’re wrong. Just like Netflix, other platforms and companies conduct surveys and try to accumulate as much information as possible from their fans. This way they’ll know what a favorite show should look like, and create something for your taste.

This is why using premium Netflix account matters. You’ll be able to shape the future or movies and TV shows, by actively contributing to the development of both. You may think that your words won’t make a big impact on the movie business, but they do. There were countless examples where a movie rating was decreased by fans that had something to say. So remember that your word matters, no matter what people say.

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